Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I'm doing rehab, at the moment. It's going well!

I'm feeling good! I'll be here at least another week.


Anonymous said...

Dear Robert,

Thank God you are doing well!!!!! I started worrying when the postings to your blog stopped. I was thinking, "maybe he's gone to his reward, and everybody Stateside knows it, so there's no need to keep the blog going." Yet I was thinking that God has so much more for you to do. Apparently He does!

I just received a visit from a cousin of mine ... a three-time cancer survivor. Her brother and nephew have in recent months seen "unexplained" full remissions. They are all strong in their faith, and inspirations to me, as are you.

You dont have to reply ... you may not be up to it yet. Dont worry. Yoiu are still on my mind and in my prayers daily. May God grant that we get more happy tidings about you.

Your Brother in Yeshua,

Anonymous said...

It sure is nice to have you back Robert... We (Shepherds CC) have been praying for you. Praise God He has graciously answered.. We sure have missed your blogs and your teaching at Sunday School...

Praise the Lord, Marcy Secora

Kitty said...

Yea!! That is great news!
It was so nice to meet your wife Shirley and your three sweet kids!!

I am praying to our Lord and He is so faithful!

Love, Kitty Lineberger

Michele Lear said...

Bob, it was so good to visit with you yesterday. Continued prayers for a full and speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord. I will continue to pray for your recovery. God it good.