Thursday, November 29, 2007

MRI Results - Appears to be Good News!

I picked up the MRI report today, and it looks to be good news! I'll know more tomorrow when I see the doctor, but if I'm reading it correctly (and I think I am), it's very positive. There's only one questionable spot where they have to keep a close eye on, but even that was "non-specific" (i.e., it was tiny and unclear).

Thank you for your prayers! They appear to have been answered!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

MRI is Done! Now, it's all over but the waiting...

After a slight delay (and a change in venue), I got my MRI done yesterday at about 3pm. I was scheduled to be at Tarzana MRI at 10:45am, but I was literally laying on the table, about to go into the MRI, when the nurse came in and showed me a little instruction on the physician's instructions - "To be read by Dr. Bash." The nurse explained that Dr. Bash only works out of another facility! Fortunately, it was very close and they had an opening at 2pm. I felt better when I learned that Dr. Bash specialized in reading MRIs of the brain.

I made arrangements to pick up the films and Dr. Bash's report to take with me Thursday. I'm scheduled to see my oncologist on Friday, and Dr. Liau the following Wednesday.

Pending the results of the MRI, I *may* return to work on a more frequent basis as early as next week. I'm still experiencing some effects of what is aptly termed "chemo-brain" (even though my oncologist tells me the chemo treatments don't cause that particular side-effect) - that's why he upped the date of the MRI. But, if I'm ever going to ride this horse again, I'd better at least try to get on!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New MRI Schedule

My oncologist's office staff rescheduled my MRI. It's now on Monday, November 26 at 10:45AM. There's now a new venue, too: Encino-Tarzana Medical Center.

So, in the end, we picked up about 2 days! Yeayyy! But, this is what the oncologist wants, so I'm not complaining!

I'm scheduled to see the oncologist again on the following Friday, to find out the results of the test.

I'm also on the last day of the chemo treatments. About the same results this time - maybe a bit milder.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Rescheduled MRI?

I met with my oncologist today and he wants to up the date of my MRI. The reason for the new date is that I'm manifesting some new symptoms, or rather some occasional older symptoms are recurring more frequently.

I'm having trouble concentrating. The odd thing is that the tumor was nowhere near my cognition center - it was located near the speech center. The oncologist wants to review the films from the new MRI to see if it's edema (swelling) in my brain, or something of more serious concern.

Please pray for a favorable outcome, that it's just a little swelling (which can be controlled with medication).

Meanwhile, the doctor cleared me for another round of chemo treatments (he says there's very little chance my symptoms are a result of these treatments). Please pray that the third round (of four) goes smoothly.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Next MRI is Nov 28

My next MRI is scheduled for November 28. That will be a HUGE milestone! I return to UCLA for the MRI and the follow-up reading on Dec 4.

I will probably undergo my third-round of chemo that same week.

Please pray that both go well, but especially the MRI. Please pray that there are no signs of the cancer, and that the report will be absolutely clear on that point.