Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Belated (very belated!) best wishes for a joyous Christmas!

It's been about 6 weeks since I last blogged, and a lot has transpired. First, I really enjoyed the Holidays with my family. We had a quiet Christmas, but we had a New Year's Eve party with several friends and their families.

Next, I underwent round 4 of chemo treatments, starting Jan 2, and I just finished up round 5 last night. I'm getting pretty good at predicting when I'll have a "down" day. It seems like my worst days are day 3, followed by 1-2 down days about a week or so later. As I only do treatments 5 days a month, the second set of down days occurs well after my treatments end.

Next, I've returned to work on a half-time basis. I wanted to get back to fulltime ASAP, but my insurance company says I may need to get my doctors to agree. I'm sitting here, waiting for final word on my status.

Finally, I had a follow-up MRI on Monday. I'm awaiting the results, which should be ready tomorrow. I have a Language Evaluation at UCLA next week, and then Dr. Liau will read both the MRI and the results of the LE the following week.

Please continue to lift me up in your prayers! I know they're effective!

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Anonymous said...

Bob, 3 cheers for you. And welcome back to work. I have read the broadcast communication from you and assumed that you are back full-time already. Too bad we might not see you enough in Brea though. Take good care!