Friday, November 16, 2007

Rescheduled MRI?

I met with my oncologist today and he wants to up the date of my MRI. The reason for the new date is that I'm manifesting some new symptoms, or rather some occasional older symptoms are recurring more frequently.

I'm having trouble concentrating. The odd thing is that the tumor was nowhere near my cognition center - it was located near the speech center. The oncologist wants to review the films from the new MRI to see if it's edema (swelling) in my brain, or something of more serious concern.

Please pray for a favorable outcome, that it's just a little swelling (which can be controlled with medication).

Meanwhile, the doctor cleared me for another round of chemo treatments (he says there's very little chance my symptoms are a result of these treatments). Please pray that the third round (of four) goes smoothly.

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