Tuesday, November 27, 2007

MRI is Done! Now, it's all over but the waiting...

After a slight delay (and a change in venue), I got my MRI done yesterday at about 3pm. I was scheduled to be at Tarzana MRI at 10:45am, but I was literally laying on the table, about to go into the MRI, when the nurse came in and showed me a little instruction on the physician's instructions - "To be read by Dr. Bash." The nurse explained that Dr. Bash only works out of another facility! Fortunately, it was very close and they had an opening at 2pm. I felt better when I learned that Dr. Bash specialized in reading MRIs of the brain.

I made arrangements to pick up the films and Dr. Bash's report to take with me Thursday. I'm scheduled to see my oncologist on Friday, and Dr. Liau the following Wednesday.

Pending the results of the MRI, I *may* return to work on a more frequent basis as early as next week. I'm still experiencing some effects of what is aptly termed "chemo-brain" (even though my oncologist tells me the chemo treatments don't cause that particular side-effect) - that's why he upped the date of the MRI. But, if I'm ever going to ride this horse again, I'd better at least try to get on!

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Michele Lear said...

Bob, I hope and pray the results of your MRI are good. Looking forward to having you back with us at work.