Monday, September 24, 2007

Recovery (Part 1)

Gee, I see that it's been about a month since I updated this blog. Honestly, I haven't felt very motivated. But I know a lot of you are reading this blog for updates on my condition, so that SHOULD be motivation enough for me to update it more often. So, here're my recollections about the week after my surgery:

I'm unclear about the first 24 hours, but after they brought me to my room, I remember more. For example, I remember my wife being there EVERY day - she had to leave the kids in the waiting room, as they weren't allowed in my room. She was wonderful!

I also vividly remember Mark, Niro, Jeff, and Colby's visit. I didn't have any movement, yet, on my right side, and I was still having trouble expressing myself verbally. But I think I got more out than I expected.

I remember having a good appetite.

I remember the "Physical Terrorists" ("Therapists," actually) who came to work with me. I remember the one therapist who was there when I had my pulmonary embolysm. But that story will have to wait until next time! For now, I'll just say that I felt bad for her - she wasn't doing anything strenuous with me at the time. Just one of those things! I actually saw her a couple weeks later; she was still doing PT, so I guess there was no lasting "side-effects" for her!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bob, glad to see the long sentences :) I will keep checking in. So don't be lazy now. Keep on blogging...