Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Recovery (Part 2)

I was in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) for a couple days (at least - I'm still a bit unclear on how long I was actually in there). Somehow, Shirley was able to get permission for the kids to come in for a brief visit. She waited until I got the breathing tube removed before letting them see me (she said she wanted to wait until I looked presentable!). I think those were probably my lowest moments - waiting for them to "excavate" me; hearing them discuss the process, and not be able to say anything! I very clearly remember the day they finally decided the tube could be removed (about 2 days longer than I thought was necessary!). What a relief!

Next after the ICU was the TCU (Transitional Care Unit). This is a special unit for patients requiring additional care, beyond the 'general population.' I received excellent care in both units. I got almost daily CAT scans and a couple Echo-Cardiograms (a non-invasive, ultrasonic procedure). Shirley asked if I was ready for visitors, and I asked for my pastor and one close family friend. I got to share the Gospel with my friend, which meant a lot to me (and, I hope, to him). It was very natural, the way it worked out. He asked me if anything had changed for me, and I said there was one thing - my sense of urgency about sharing the Gospel. "Well, lay it on me!" he said with a smile.

More on the TCU tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

Bob, I figured it would take you a bit to get going again, but when I got your email today at Avery, I came to you blog to catch up. I don't know you we review past comments or maybe you even have this blog configured to notify you, but I wanted you to know I was blessed when you told us that your friend "lay it on me" Hallelujah, our Lord keeps using us no matter where we are.