Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cleared for Take Off

I had my pre-operative exam yesterday with my regular doctor, and he cleared me for surgery. He told me he was optimistic; that there was every reason to expect a successful surgery - that Dr. Liau would be able to get all of the tumor and that it would prove to be 'low-grade,' requiring no further treatments.

He was encouraged that I feel so good - both physically and emotionally. Really, other than an occasional temporary inability to find the right word in the middle of speaking (a symptom I've had for awhile, and always associated with getting older, since many of my friends have the same problem), I don't feel like there's anything wrong at all.

It wouldn't surprise me if the MRIs that I'm having later today and tomorrrow reveal that the tumor has not grown - or has shrunk - or has even gone into "spontaneous remission" (med-speak for a miraculous healing!).

As always, your prayers and good wishes are very much appreciated. Please pray that the tests will be 100% successful to ensure the best possible outcome of the surgery.

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Anonymous said...


Know that there are others outside your immediate family, church and friends. Some of us have told others in our churches and to our friends to pray for a miraculous healing.

As I told you in an email, one of the guys in our quartet had the miracle of passing out from low blood sugar which lead to the doctors finding tumor on his kidney. It was very aggressive and was the type that is rarely found until after it was too late. They removed the tumor, with the kidney, and he is still singing with us. That was over a year ago.

God still works miracles and you have been chosen to bear testimony to this. Continue to receive God's peace.