Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dr. Linda Liau

The day before my biopsy, Pastor Paul came by for a visit. He told me that Lynn Morgan - a member of the church - had undergone brain surgery several years ago, and her doctor had recommended Donald Becker of UCLA as the best of the best. "If I was going to have someone operate on my brain, Dr. Becker is the guy I'd want to do it," her doctor had said.

I called Lynn later that day and she was very encouraging. Though her tumor was not cancerous, her surgery went very well - no complications at all. "I know that Dr. Becker has changed his practice, and he may no longer do this kind of surgery, but his office will be able to advise you about the best of his collegues."

When I called Dr. Becker's office, the assistant confirmed that Dr. Becker had, indeed, changed his focus, becoming an academic dean, but she referred me to Dr. Linda Liau. Dr. Liau has been featured on the cable Med networks, and her speciality is aggressive tumors in the exact location mine is located. Her assistant tells me that she does a technique offered only at UCLA where they wake you up during surgery so the doctor can ask questions and determine exactly how far she can go without doing unnecessary damage. Of course, I don't know if I'm a candidate for such a procedure, but I'm hopeful.

I'm scheduled to see her Wednesday, June 13 at 2pm. Please pray that she will be able to do the surgery, that side-effects will be minimal, and that I will be able to tolerate the chemo and radiation treatments that will inevitably follow.


Mark VH said...


We're all pulling for you.. I'll put in a prayer for you and your family.

Thanks for putting up this Bob Blog so we can keep in touch with you.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for writing this blog, and keeping us up to date. It has been difficult being so far away and wanting to know all of the latest news.

I think of you often and like I said before, let me know if I can do anything to help out.


Phil Hopkins said...


It sounds like you've got an exceptional community ready and willing to help. What do you and your family need beyond our prayers?

I have a pint or two of vintage 52-year-old Type O-Negative that I'm willing to part with. Have arm, will travel.


Anonymous said...

Bob, thanks to Mark VH for letting us know about your condition as I had no idea you were ill. All the best for a speedy recovery. Be strong!

Robert Hommel said...

Thanks for all your good wishes and prayers! Keep them coming! Phil, I have a pretty common bloodtype, but the offer is much appreciated!

Anonymous said...


This blog is amazing. Both this site and the conversation we had a few days ago tell me that you are going to be just fine. Follow your doctor's orders and take good care of yourself.


Orlando said...


Praying for you to get back to the office soon...have them say 'Hillary' out loud a couple of times, that should stimulate your brain enough for them to know all is ok with your noggin..