Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The "Final" Schedule

I've just been told that all my tests and final surgery dates have now been set.

First, my surgery has been re-scheduled from July 3 to July 2. It'll be at UCLA and I'll probably be there 3-4 nights.

Thursday, June 21, I'll undergo some neurological testing at UCLA to determine what effect - if any - the tumor is having on my speech and other mental functions. I'll be surprised if they find anything - I feel completely fine!

Tuesday, June 26, I'll have a pre-operative exam with my own doctor.

Wednesday, June 27, I'll go back to UCLA for the Functional MRI (the brain-mapping exercise) and a pre-operative consultation with the anesthesiologist.

Thursday, June 28, back to UCLA one more time for a regular MRI.

You'll notice "final" is in quotes in the title of this entry. That's because while the schedule is pretty much set, there is always the possibility that some things could shift around.

As always, I crave your prayers for the success of these tests - that the results will be positive, and that they will be 100% accurate, so as to ensure the best possible outcome of the surgery.


Anonymous said...

Francoise and I will continue to pray for all the tests you must undergo and your speedy recovery. We love you,
Ray and Francoise

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date on all your tests and surgery. You have been such an inspiration to us! You have a wonderful testimony that God will use in the lives of many other! We continue to pray for you and your wonderful family.
With our love,
Art & Kathy

Unknown said...

Our prayers will be with you always. We are looking forward to see you fully recovered and left all the negative feelings behind.

Anonymous said...


Our thoughts and prayers are with you for a successful surgery and a complete recovery. By sharing with us your approach to this "battle", as your doctor described it, you enable us to share with you our positive energy toward specific events, and become more connected in the process. May the prayers, thoughts and collective consciousness of everyone engaged with you speed you toward a successful outcome.

Steve, Iris and the boys

Anonymous said...

Well said.