Monday, October 29, 2007

I Survived Round Two!

I got through round two (of four) chemo treatments. Now, I can rest up for a month before facing the next round. It wasn't too bad for the first couple of days. In fact, as I remarked to a friend on Friday at Ryan's football practice, I was feeling probably better than I ever had (since the surgery).

But gradually, I started having trouble expressing myself verbally. Sunday was probably the worst day for me, when excessive fatigue pretty much overwhelmed me.

Fortunately, my boss has been very understanding! He hasn't pushed me to do more than I'm able.

I managed to squeeze in a visit to my friends, Stan and Sara Jo, on Friday. We had a great time! Then, despite my weariness, on Sunday after church, I dropped by my friend Casey's house. Casey underwent hip-replacement surgery just 3 weeks ago, and he's doing so well! He was sitting in his wheelchair when I got there. He retreated to his bed (which is right there in the living room) soon after I arrived, said he'd probably be able to attend church next week or the week afterwards.

Stan, Sara Jo, Casey and a handfull of others (including Bob and Sheila, Augie, and Bob and Pat) have really stepped up to give me a hand (or, rather, a "lift" - making their cars available, when I couldn't drive myself). Thanks to you all SO much!

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