Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Rehab @ Home

I FINALLY feel up to blogging again! Praise God! Here's a brief update on my progress:

For the past 7 weeks or so, I've been rehab-ing at home. First, I had two folks come to the house, but after 2-3 weeks, I started going to an outpatient facility. About that time, I put away the walker, then the cane. Some further movement returned - especially in my right ankle. This motion is necessary for driving.

Speaking of which, I ventured out of the driveway and left the comfortable confines of my block just yesterday. I drove to the local store and bought a subway sandwich (which was fabulous, BTW). My driving is cautious, but I'm sure I can expect steady progress there, too.

Most importantly, I FEEL pretty good. I still get fatigued, but the fatigue is manageable, and I recover more quickly than before.

That improvement MAY be short-lived, though. I see my oncologist this afternoon, and will find out the details of my resumed chemo treatments. Please pray that I tolerate the treatments with little or no side-effects.

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