Thursday, October 18, 2007

What the Radiologist and the Oncologist Had to Say

I saw two doctors yesterday: The Radiologist and the Oncologist. The Radiologist asked me where I'd gotten my most recent MRI. I told him at UCLA. "Fine," he said, "I want you to go back there in 4-6 weeks for another scan." So, it's back to Bruin-country! I don't have all the details worked out, yet, but I'm trying for the week of December 1. Dr. Liau will meet with me afterwards (probably on the same day) to review the scans. Please, PLEASE, pray that the scans don't show anything to be concerned about.

Then, it was over to the Oncologist. This is the doctor that's overseeing my treatments - both chemo and radiation. Radiation has been finished, now, for two weeks. I mentioned that, until the last couple days, I'd been suffering a lot of fatigue. "I'm surprised that it only came on after the treatments had stopped." "That's very common with brain radiation - and we don't really know why." He said I could hold off on resuming the chemo treatments for a couple more days.

"I want you 'clean' before going into the main chemo regimen. This will isolate the side-effects of the chemo and make it easier to adjust to them, if necessary."

So, as of this moment, I'm scheduled to resume 5 days of chemo next Wednesday. Again, if you would, please pray that I'll tolerate the treatments with minimal (or no!) side-effects.

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Sean Ransom said...

Hey Robert, thanks for creating this blog. I have been reading it and praying for you and your family regularly. I hope to see you when I am in the states on furlough sometime after January if you are up to it. Blessings to you.